How to Become Our Distributor

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To become our distributor,we have two ways to it.
– Purchase a minimum of 20 cartons of TSHALLY OAT MEAL at =N=170,000 (=N=8500/per carton).This will give you exclusive right of any choosing area of your choice if still available.
– Purchase minimum of 2 Cartons at =N=9000/carton. This will not give you exclusive rights but will allow you to distribute within the area you choose excluding areas giving out as exclusive area.We believe that if you start distributing our product with minimum of =N=18000, you can make =N=50,000 and above monthly.
You may ask how did we arrive at this.
Now here is the breakdown. A carton of our product at =N=8500/carton contains 10 packs of TSHALLY OAT MEL.
You can retail each pack at =N=1100/pack. So all you need to do is try to retail out 1 carton daily. At =N=1100/pack you will be making =N=250 profit per pack. So if you are able to sell off a carton daily, you will be making =N=2500.
If you are able to sell 20 cartons in a month, that is =N=2500 X 20 = =N=50,000. Remember that you can make more than this amount as the more you sell the more gain you make.

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